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Apricot Color (light Peach) Saree with 1/2″ Plain Border & Full Body Printed IN Jaipuri and Elephant Print

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Apricot Color (light Peach) Sari with 1/2″ Plain Border & Full Body Printed IN Jaipuri and Elephant Print

Color: Apricot Color (light Peach)
Colors on the body: Apricot color saree with plain border and full body printed IN Jaipuri and Elephant Print
Colors on the Pallu: Apricot color with plain border and full body printed
Colors on the border: Brown color
Colors of the blouse: Brown color

Fabric : Premium Khadi
Thread count : 80s

  • 100% Cotton
  • 6.5 meters X 44 inches
  • Printed with traditional hand printing technique.
  • We use only global standard eco friendly colors group for dyeing.
  • Colors may fade after some wash due to the eco friendly dyeing and printing process employed.
  • This is 100% handwoven Saree by using natural dyed colors, so a variation of 10% to 20% in color is inevitable since it is not machine made. That’s the speciality of “Khadi”.
  • Ecotattva’s Jaipuri and Elephant Printed handloom malmal cotton saree is made of handspun and handwoven premium muslin Khadi.
  • The Jaipuri and Elephant Printed handloom malmal cotton saree really signify our pride in make in India.
  • Yarn used in the Malmal Khadi Saree is a result of tireless efforts by our committed weavers bring gaiety to your wardrobe.
  • We would like you to experience the magic of 100% hand made cotton As listed in our commitment
  • When we talk about colors we fully respect the environment.
  • We ensure colors comply with global standards for the dyeing of fabric.
  • As you all know the textile industry ranks second in polluting our environment and we guarantee you an eco-friendly product that is biodegradable.
  • When we say eco-friendly colors it is obvious it might fade after some washes.
  • We do not use any chemicals, hence we request you Please follow our washing guidelines.
  • Washing Instructions :

    • Do not use harsh detergents
    • Machine wash with cold water
    • Dry in shade
    • Recommended saltwater wash for extra shin


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6 reviews for Apricot Color (light Peach) Saree with 1/2″ Plain Border & Full Body Printed IN Jaipuri and Elephant Print

  1. 5
    (6 reviews)

    Ashok J

    Nice products

    Good collections of brands

    Received the same product which i have done

    Love to shop online

  2. 5
    (6 reviews)

    Samreen J

    Received same saree as ordered loved the saree. Quality and price are worth. Love to order few more products in further.

  3. 5
    (6 reviews)

    Sashank D

    I purchased the saree from Ecotattva for my wife for her anniversary. Very good fabric and pretty prints. It’s bought smile on my wife’s face. Excellent customer service

  4. 5
    (6 reviews)


    I bought it for my Mum and she’s very happy with the product, I’ll buy it again in the near future. She says it’s very soft, nice and comfy malmal saree and perfect for daily wear at home or even outside. This is a pure cotton product, unlike some other sarees we see online. If you are looking for a soft and comfy khadi saree for everyday wear this is a very good option. Hope my review helps you a little bit to make your decision. 🙂 Cheers

  5. 5
    (6 reviews)


    As she was browsing the site, this saree got my wife’s attention and she immediately liked it. The design was new and refreshing. The price was reasonable. We ordered for it. The delivery was prompt. The piece was as good as promised.

  6. 5
    (6 reviews)

    Daisy J

    A wonderful mini-factory where you can see the women making the saris which is fascinating. Ecotattva have their main production in another nearby location and have 140 looms with over 70 local women working for them. The saris on sale are a very reasonable price for being either 100% cotton or cotton with silk detail. Definitely worth a process to see this wonderful place and how much hard work goes into these saris.

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