Black Muslin Khadi Stole with block print

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Dear Buyer,

Thank you for selecting a Ecotattva Product.

Your renewed interest in KHADI is indeed a welcome idea. And by choosing Ecotattva you have opted for simply the best.

Ecotattva product is made from 100% hand spun thread on Mahatma Gandhi’s Charaka and lovingly weaved on handlooms by skilled village artisans. This genuine Khadi cloth is then processed on modern technics by Ecotattva to make designer wear.
Now experience the magic of 100% pure cotton. The featherlike softness and lightness will make you feel comfortable, even when it’s hot and humid.

At Ecotattva we have pledged to give work to these hands. And by buying a Ecotattva product, you are part of our wider mission to generate employment for them.
We are sure your association with Ecotattva will be long-lasting. Together, let’s work to restore the glory of Khadi once enjoyed. Let’s give the artisans an opportunity to live with pride.
On behalf of all the hands behind this marvellous product, we thank you once again. Jai Hind!



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