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Handloom Off-White Malmal Khadi Saree with Elegant Block Prints on Pallu and Border

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Cotton Off White Sari

Beautiful Hand Woven Hand-Spun  White Khadi Sari with Elegant Block Prints on Pallu and Border
Color: Off-White
Colors on the body: White with a turquoise Blue, Green & Dark Grey symmetrical block prints
Colors on the Pallu: Off-White, Turquoise Blue, Green, Dark Grey & Red Block Prints
Colors of the blouse: Off White with printed Dark Grey border

Fabric : Premium Khadi
Thread count : 60s

  • 100% Cotton
  • 6.2 meters X 44 inches
  • Printed with traditional hand printing technique.
  • We use only global standard eco friendly colors group for dyeing.
  • Colors may fade after some wash due to the eco friendly dyeing and printing process employed.
  • This is 100% handwoven Saree by using natural dyed colors, so a variation of 10% to 20% in color is inevitable since it is not machine made. That’s the speciality of “Khadi”.
  • Wash in cold water. Try to avoid use of brush.
Washing Instructions :
    • Do not use harsh detergents
    • Machine wash with cold water
    • Dry in shade
    • Recommended saltwater wash for extra shine


  • Ecotattva’s Off White sari is made of handspun and handwoven premium muslin Khadi.
  • The Cotton Off White sari really signifies our pride in make in India.
  • Yarn used in the Sarees is a result of tireless efforts by our committed weavers bring gaiety to your wardrobe.
  • We would like you to experience the magic of 100% hand made cotton As listed in our commitment
  • When we talk about colours we fully respect the environment.
  • We ensure colors comply with global standards for the dyeing of fabric.
  • As you all know the textile industry ranks second in polluting our environment and we guarantee you an eco-friendly product that is biodegradable.
  • When we say eco-friendly colours it is obvious it might fade after some washes.
  • We do not use any chemicals, hence we request you Please follow our washing guidelines.

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5 reviews for Handloom Off-White Malmal Khadi Saree with Elegant Block Prints on Pallu and Border

  1. 5
    (5 reviews)

    Poonam Rastogi

    I think the only word for this saree is “amazing” or incredible.
    The colour is so bright and royal
    The pallu design is unique and ethnic
    quality is unquestionable.
    Overall, best buy
    If you are a saree lover, then its just for you. without a second thought grab it.

  2. 5
    (5 reviews)

    Dr. Deepti Goyal

    Very nice colour and fabric. Would definitely recommend this Saree. Even after washing colours didn’t come out.

  3. 5
    (5 reviews)


    Beautiful colour and prints. I got it to gift my mother in law, she absolutely loved it. The pallu design was also excellent

  4. 4
    (5 reviews)

    Ranita Singh

    Though the quality and look is excellent, I won’t give it a 5 star as I found it costly compared to the regular shops

  5. 5
    (5 reviews)


    I was looking this saree for so long time to buy. Finally i got now. It claims what is it in the description. If feel so good when you were wearing, very soft, very very much manageable, Quality of materials is just awesome. Price is not too costly it is worth buying

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