Sadbhavna light grey handloom cotton saree


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Grey Saree

Beautiful Hand Woven Hand Spun Grey Color Sadbhavna Handloom Saree with Purple border.
Color: Grey
Colors on the body: Grey, Blue, Red
Colors on the pallu: Grey, Blue, Red & White
Colors on the border: Blue
Colors of the blouse: Grey with Blue border

Fabric : Pure Cotton
100% Cotton

  • 6.5 meters X 44 inches

Made By Prisoners in Sagar Central Jail.

Almost in all clothing meat is used for thread sizing because it’s fast and cheap. So even if you are a vegan you are still wearing a cloth that has blood on it. From here the journey begins of सद्‍भावना for making cruelty free clothing for everyone under the leadership of Dr. Rekha Jain ex-DSP with the guidance of Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj.

In Sagar central Jail, Madhyapradesh. There are a total of 54 Handlooms. All operated by prisoners. They make sarees, handkerchiefs, shirts & carpets. The money earned from each sale goes directly to prisoners’ accounts from which their family members withdraw and use it for daily chores.
Santosh Solanki SP Central jail has observed difference in the prisoners working in looms, they are not involved in prison riots, their behaviors have changed, they show respect towards others, and give importance to life. As they are earning and families are well fed they live in peace and work enthusiastically.

हथकड़ी से हथकरघा
सलाखों से स्वावलंबन की ओर बढ़ते कदम

Sadbhavna Handloom Sarees


Washing Instructions :
    • Do not use harsh detergents
    • Machine wash with cold water
    • Dry in shade
    • Recommended saltwater wash for extra shine
    • Wash in cold water. Try to avoid the use of a brush.


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