Khadi White Color Short Kurta

White Color Short Kurta

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  • Premium hand spun hand woven White with Orange strap round neck short kurta for men
  • This made in India product signifies the pride of India tireless efforts of our committed weavers brings gaiety to your wardrobe.

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Color Eco-friendly White Color Short Kurta is made of handspun and handwoven premium muslin Khadi.
The Kurta really signifies our pride in make in India.
Yarn used in the Kurtas are a result of tireless efforts by our committed weavers bring gaiety to your wardrobe. We would like you to experience the magic of 100% hand made cotton As listed in our commitment, when we talk about colours we fully respect the environment and ensure we comply with global standards for dyeing of fabric.
As you all know the textile industry ranks second in polluting our environment and we guarantee you an eco-friendly product which is biodegradable. When we say eco-friendly colours it is obvious it might fade after some washes as these are natural colours
and we do not use any chemicals, hence we request you to take a few simple steps listed below to ensure
long life of the colours and enjoy the feel and shine of your new member in your wardrobe.

1 review for White Color Short Kurta

  1. VP

    Very trendy and modern design. Gave as gift to my young cousin he just loved it. Trust it will have Need to more colours and combinations in future.

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