About Team Lakshmi

In looking for a complex understanding of the role of Team Laxmi, we have to take note of:
- Its direct relevance to the wellbeing and freedom of artisan
- Its indirect role through influencing social change and
- Its indirect role through influencing economic production.

Ethical Clothing - Ecotattva


Team Working with us ! Team always taking efforts to improve an product quality

Ecotattva Team - MANISHA RAUT

Manisha Tai hails from a village of Wardha District. She has studied till 10th standard. Her family consists of 8 people and Manisha Tai is a sole regular earner. She is taking care of the whole family by weaving the beautiful cotton fabrics in her backyard only. Through this art of Weaving, she is proudly supporting her family. She weaves around 10-12 meters of fabric a day along with regular household work.

Ecotattva Team - VARSHA BHOYAR

Varsha tai lives in a small village in Wardha district of Maharashtra. Being dropped out of school after 9th standard Varsha Tai didn’t have any skill set which can help her in making some money. However, after Varsha Tai got trained, she is now proudly supporting her family by weaving the beautiful eco fabric at her home only. She also takes care of her family parallel with weaving. She can weave around 100 meters of fabric a month.

Ecotattva Team - SHUBHANGI BADE

Shubhangi tai has the heart of an entrepreneur. She started an SHG with fellow women from her village. The women from SHG got trained in weaving. After initial training, they bought 4 handlooms to start weaving. Her entrepreneurial spirit has helped families of 4 women to strengthen their financial conditions by weaving the beautiful eco fabric for everyone.


Pournima tai is from Balaghat. Her husband migrated to Vidarbha in search of regular employment. However, due to the unavailability of regular employment, Pournima Tai also tried to help her husband by doing some chores. A weaving training has leased a fresh life to her and she is happily doing her part by weaving and supporting her family financially.